Coming up…

Lately I’ve been working on my photography skills. Guess I’ve always had a love for pictures. It started when I received my first Canon AE1 when our daughter, Kelli, was born. Took a six week photography class at ABAC and I was hooked. (I’m telling my age,  you can see by my heading that I’m a grandmother — but that class included darkroom work!!!) Used that camera all the way through to Kelli’s graduation. Something happened and the camera started letting in light and not making very good photos. So… I started looking and saving and recently bought my entry-level DSLR, a Nikon D90. LOVE that camera!

Part of my job as webmaster at the school is taking pictures for the web and newspaper articles, and our blog, of course. I’m getting better at it. We’ve had kids camps this week on the campus and I’ve taken hundreds of photos. Still learning…

My first “real” shoot (just recently) was for a rising senior in our church, Anna. I felt like I did a pretty good job. I’ve posted my best shot below. Some things you can’t plan, and that one just happened. We were in an old barn and the frame just happened to be hanging on the wall. (That is, if you believe things “just happen!”)

I’ve been asked by the same family to do some family pictures. Another chance to learn!!! I’ll be looking and studying til then…


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