Busy summer!

So glad it’s finally fall. Loving the cooler weather. It gets SO hot and muggy here in South Georgia.

It’s been a busy summer!!! My first grandchild had her fourth birthday in August! Wow, how time does fly. And, my second grandchild will turn two in November. They have such unique personalities. Karlee, has such a bubbly, happy, outgoing personality. She loves to sing and dance and pretend. Wes is just now coming out a bit. He still peeks at me from behind his blankie, but that big smile says, “come and get me, Mammie!” We were privileged to keep him for a whole weekend recently. He was the perfect child. Never a moment’s trouble!

Why do we put such stock in our grandchildren? I think maybe I try to correct all the mistakes I/we made with our children through the grandchildren. Too many times I fear I didn’t make enough time for my children. I don’t want that to happen with the grands. We play with blocks in the floor; we take a walk to the mailbox together; we swing in the swing and rock to our heart’s content. That’s valuable time.

I wasn’t able to give my children all that I wanted to. Maybe I give (or give in) to the grands too much. But, that’s a grandparent’s privilege, right?


(Thought I posted this earlier!!!)


Nothing Sweeter!

Nothing sweeter than watching the grandbabies enjoying time together…watching tv, munching on Cheerios and Cheese Nips! Of course, the girl is multi-tasking (don’t we all?)– she’s eating and reading a book at the same time! Love those little ones!