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I am a grandmother, i.e. "Mammie", and I love photography, quilting, and machine monogramming.


First a child, then an adult, wife and mother, grandmother, and now caregiver. These are the stages of my life. Every stage has brought its challenges and rewards. The last one, however, seems to me to be the hardest yet. My father died at age 63; my stepfather died about a year and half ago. Dealing with that was not easy, but it’s different somehow with Mom. My mother is aging, and it’s becoming clearer every day that she is going to need more and more care. Lots of decisions to be made…lots of things to take care of. I wonder, as I go through all of these changes, how my mother felt when she went through them. I know she must have felt some of the same things. Roles change…you are now the adult, the decision-maker. You wonder if you’re doing all the right things. It’s all new territory, how do you know? You’ve no past history to base anything on. I’m thankful for friends who have been, or are currently in, the same place I am. In the same way that “it takes a village to raise a child,” I believe it takes a community of friends and family to care for the aging.


Busy summer!

So glad it’s finally fall. Loving the cooler weather. It gets SO hot and muggy here in South Georgia.

It’s been a busy summer!!! My first grandchild had her fourth birthday in August! Wow, how time does fly. And, my second grandchild will turn two in November. They have such unique personalities. Karlee, has such a bubbly, happy, outgoing personality. She loves to sing and dance and pretend. Wes is just now coming out a bit. He still peeks at me from behind his blankie, but that big smile says, “come and get me, Mammie!” We were privileged to keep him for a whole weekend recently. He was the perfect child. Never a moment’s trouble!

Why do we put such stock in our grandchildren? I think maybe I try to correct all the mistakes I/we made with our children through the grandchildren. Too many times I fear I didn’t make enough time for my children. I don’t want that to happen with the grands. We play with blocks in the floor; we take a walk to the mailbox together; we swing in the swing and rock to our heart’s content. That’s valuable time.

I wasn’t able to give my children all that I wanted to. Maybe I give (or give in) to the grands too much. But, that’s a grandparent’s privilege, right?


(Thought I posted this earlier!!!)

Family Photo Session

I really enjoyed shooting the Batton/Mitchell families the first of July. Such beautiful families and just as sweet! Every time I do a shoot I learn a little more. May I never get too old to learn!  Lord help me to be a sponge and soak up everything you have for me every day!

“The LORD’S  lovingkindnesses  indeed never cease,  For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

Mark's Family

Mark Batton Family

Coming up…

Lately I’ve been working on my photography skills. Guess I’ve always had a love for pictures. It started when I received my first Canon AE1 when our daughter, Kelli, was born. Took a six week photography class at ABAC and I was hooked. (I’m telling my age,  you can see by my heading that I’m a grandmother — but that class included darkroom work!!!) Used that camera all the way through to Kelli’s graduation. Something happened and the camera started letting in light and not making very good photos. So… I started looking and saving and recently bought my entry-level DSLR, a Nikon D90. LOVE that camera!

Part of my job as webmaster at the school is taking pictures for the web and newspaper articles, and our blog, of course. I’m getting better at it. We’ve had kids camps this week on the campus and I’ve taken hundreds of photos. Still learning…

My first “real” shoot (just recently) was for a rising senior in our church, Anna. I felt like I did a pretty good job. I’ve posted my best shot below. Some things you can’t plan, and that one just happened. We were in an old barn and the frame just happened to be hanging on the wall. (That is, if you believe things “just happen!”)

I’ve been asked by the same family to do some family pictures. Another chance to learn!!! I’ll be looking and studying til then…